Sunday Reset

Two days for the weekend are not enough.

I always hear about the ‘sunday scaries’ when all of the stress from the weekend comes early. It can put a lot of unfair pressure on sunday, because it can define the week thats coming. I always want to start the week well, and for me that means spending some time on Sunday in getting the week together. Even then- I can feel pretty unprepared for the week ahead.

I feel like I am stuck between the choice of either being lazy and having fun all weekend, or trying to get everything on my to do list ticked off so I can have a productive week- which can be so overwhelming i feel like I need a weekend to recover from the weekend.

I think the only real options is to try and do a bit of both, and especially with a 9-5 job I have been trying to find the balance between errands, having fun and chilling out to make sure I am maximising my weekend time and starting Monday rested and ready to be productive (ish)

  • Sleep in– every weekend I’m tied, and sometimes theres nothing more luxurious than going to sleep knowing you don’t have an alarm the next morning.
  • A To Do list– I know this sounds lame, but if you have a list of things you really need to get done, it can be quite rewarding to get them done. For example, this weekend I had to drop some clothes of at the op shop and do my laundry (I live a glamorous life). When you set yourself some tasks, and actually achieve them, it can be really satisfying because you accomplished something on the weekend.
  • Plan your week – Planning my week (I have a graphic for that) helps me understand what’s coming up in the week ahead and what I need to do to succeed.
  • Make space for the things you love- Life is too short to not do the things you want to do. Whether its social time with friends, trying something new, indulging in a hobby you love or just chilling out. Prioritise what makes you happy.
  • Self Care – I like to make sure I save some time on the weekends for self-care, for me this is any beauty admin (like nails and eyebrows), yoga and some kind of exercise. It’s make me feel good and can feel nice to give yourself the space to care for yourself.
  • Social time– This feels obvious, but after Covid, time with loved ones feels even more precious. For me seeing my friends and family rejuvenates me and is usually the highlight of my week.

For those of us doing our best, sunday’s can be a bit challenging, trying to fit all of the ‘life’ things into two days. But the best you can do is

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