A little about me…

Hi, I’m Bri! I’m a twenty-something from Sydney Australia, and I live with my boyfriend, and about 500 plants in a tiny studio apartment. I am addicted to coffee and I follow more dog Instagrams than people instagrams.

I am always on the go, and because of this, I have a tendency to burn out and doubt myself. Because of this tendency, I am passionate about self-development, from reading to lifestyle to politics!

I am currently studying for my masters of international law, so I have some pretty strong opinions on politics! I started this blog as a creative outlet that would help me to explore my passions.

Opinionating is a blog about my personal growth journey, I post twice a week where I talk about health, lifestyle, books, fitness, travel and my personal journey to become a better person.

Thanks for stopping by!IMG_0383